Lip Fillers 

Lip fillers are used to give perfect plump lips with a well defined outline. As we age our lips naturally become thinner and lose definition. Fillers can enable us to regain the lost volume and give more definition resulting in more youthful looking lips. Fine lines and wrinkles around the lips can also be reduced, helping to improve lipstick bleeding and smokers lines. 

If you are younger but have always felt that you have naturally thin lips, fillers can give the  extra volume required and also balance out any naturally occurring asymmetry.

Local anaesthetic cream is used prior to treatment to alleviate any discomfort. Premium quality Juvederm fillers are used which also contain some local anaesthetic which helps to make the procedure more comfortable.

The effect is immediately noticeable and downtime is usually minimal, although 3 weeks are advised before special events due to the risk of bruising or swelling post procedure.


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